Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Two Lon! Two Lon! Two Lon!

Yes, Toulon v Toulouse at the Marseille Vellodrone stadium. With a near capacity crowd of 55,000 and incredibly patriotic Toulon fans the atmosphere was electric – all jolly good fun! A certain Mr Wilkinson played a leading role for “our” Toulon boys too.

God knows why French rugby seems to be on such a high roll these days. We can’t understand what has brought this about but there seem to be more and more foreign players down here and money to pay them. Perhaps it’s the influence of the “Top 14” games on Canal+ television or the success of the game after the world cup. Either which way there is even an English language web site now with a news feed which continues to prick our interest.

That's our man!


As the Toulouse team gaze upon the face of Jonny and think .....

As you see the Real truth is that Provence has exciting big cities as well and we even play rugby!

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