Sunday, 27 June 2010

My six point football plan

1. Never again employ anyone other than an Englishman to manage an English team. Pay only by results. No contract longer than 3 months.
2. Eliminate work permits to play professional football for non-European people. We have enough Englishmen who want to earn a living playing the game, we don’t need to feed the talent pool of foreigners ever again.
3. Pick a much larger pool of players for the national squad, if the first 26 don’t perform bring in the second or the third without compunction
4. Establish an exclusive training programme for young players who want to play for their country on an expenses only basis and choose only from this pool. Seek commitment to the squad above all else
5. Accept a longer term view and acknowledge that we need to grow a team of Englishmen that are committed to country first and the rewards of professional football second.
6. Listen to the voice of the country in all things football.
7. Never listen to a rant :-)

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