Sunday, 17 May 2009

The Saturday Scene

Did I ever tell you about where the "Real" people take their coffee or apero in Apt? Now this is just between us and not for the tourists so keep it under your hat.

A few years ago a new bar opened in Apt, "Le Petit Zinc". A few mature grown ups gathered who enjoy a joke and a drink - don't ask for the "coupe de boules" or you'll get more than you bargined for! Suffice to say a formula for success, especially on Saturday mornings during the market.

Not everybody was quite so impressed however, M. Garlin has had his plant stall outside every Saturday for more than three decades and feels that he's being rather pushed out by the bar clients. Imagine the situation when next door changes hands and a new bar opens catering for the funky people who enjoy a bit of U2 or Eminem at full bore whilst taking a "noisette". Welcome to "Central Soul"!

Harmony was at last found yesterday, the sun shone, there were just enough people in the market to still get a parking spot, produce was piled high, spring was sprung. Balance had been found between the music, the flowers, and the jokes.

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