Sunday, 24 May 2009

Was it hot!

Now here's a "Real" tip, get there before 10 o'clock. Where? Coustellet market of course. The yuppie love in continues to go from strengh to strengh, Sunday was heaving but so much good stuff on sale. Did you spot the ex-prime minister? We know where the racing drivers were but surprising to see the footballers. Come on Jenson, championship now please.

For some it was a bit too hot ... to even walk.

And some culture, Bach's second movement for strings .......

The cherries are just arriving and there was a bit of a scrum to get your share. Did I say 10? Make that 9:30.

The balloon's certainly gone up at Coustellet however, we've even got our own Sunday morning sushi bar.

Yo! Or was that Wo ... either way I may be sticking to the beer and oysters at the Gare but more of that another time.

PS 31c at 12:30 -lovelly

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